Here , kumaraguru Haasya came up with blastful amusing event called  Code With Comali

It is a collaborative event conducted by Kumaraguru Haasy and ISE department of Kumaraguru college of technology during this lockdown to keep participants engaged and fun-filled entertained .

The event which had totally three rounds and each team has two participants with one comali that have been choosen.The rounds were Fun Riddles,Meme Fest and Code with Comali.Based upon the performance on the first two rounds,the participants were selected for the final round.The final round were the Coding Round with Comali’s to solve the problem by using the instructions given by Coders

The main motive of the event is to showcase their problem solving skills, creativity and innovation.

From the first round of the event participants were very energetic. The winner is selected by the total points. Overall we had 50+ participants .