The event ‘Code with Comali’ was a humorous fun engaged coding event organized by the Department Association of ISE in collaboration with the Hassya club on 15th May 2021 from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm. The main objective of this event was to make the participants code in a playful and entertaining manner.

The event had a combo of both coding and fun rounds totally divided into three. Fun riddles and Memefest were the first two rounds conducted and the winners of these two rounds were given advantages in the third round. The third round Code with Comali had a Comali in each team who solves the given source code removing the errors and gets the desired key as the answer with the help of teammates in an exciting environment. The event held successfully with about 30+ students and 40+ participants including participants from other colleges. Each and every round was filled with fun and the participants answered eagerly throughout the event. The main motive of the event was accomplished by making the participants engaged in coding along with fun.  


Department Association of ISE