Circuit design challenge was conducted by SEDS KCT as a part of the technical probation of the new recruits. It is a circuit connecting challenge where in all the students were asked to connect components and complete circuits.

Date: 05.03.2022

Time: 5 PM to 6.30 PM

Participants: SEDS new recruits undergoing probation

After locking the date, day, venue and time of the event, the poster was published and shared through the social media handles of SEDS KCT. The participants were asked to be available during the specified time since attending this session is crucial for joining project teams. The budget was also finalised, and the required materials were purchased.

No of participants: 34

Around 4.45 PM, all the participants started assembling at the Aero dept. final year classroom for the challenge. Around 5 PM, the event commenced with the organizer’s note and briefing about the event.


  1. There are 2 sections A and B with 2 questions each. Participants are to form teams of 3 and complete the challenge by doing one question from each section in the given time.
  2. After completion, the design photos are to be submitted in the submission link posted.

The questions were given around 5.05 PM At 6.15 PM, the submission link was posted and the participants, after completion, submitted the task and filled the feedback form. Thus, the event ended on a good note.


The participants were glad because they got a hands- on experience in circuit designing and they believe that this would help them in the technical tasks of the club.