In today’s scenario, We have many Indians representing the serene heritage of our country, across the World. They have proved their worth and never failed to behold the Rich Culture of India. A Century back, It is certainly a pathetic task to captivate a pack of apathetic audience on Patriotism and Hinduism. It was the time of unimaginable struggle, where Indians were interpreted for uncivilised people. To unpin the tag that the foreigners had marked us, there came an open-minded, visionary human, Swami Vivekananda. A 125 year old speech is celebrated with eternal reverence even among the atheist societies. Did this monk receive two minutes of standing ovation just for calling out “Sisters and Brothers ” in his address? How does an ancient speech relate to the development of the present society?

We live in a community, which accepted homosexuality relationships but still not able to forgo the hesitation for intercaste marriages. Swami Vivekananda, urged to assimilate the spirit of any religion yet asked to preserve the individuality withheld by anyone’s law of growth by the year 1893. In his opinion, upholding the values of a different religion would definitely break the little world encompassed by a single religion. Does this picture him an enterprising soul?

Adding onto it, he felt, a strong relevance with Science and Religion. He believed that, questioning any religious practices, say, the cross wore by the Christians, Hindus worshipping many Gods and Goddesses or the fasting detained by Muslims, would ultimately be from a reasonable scientific view and every custom demands equal dignity. He clearly streamlined superstitions from bigotry. The respect and love he had for all religions, is a matter of fact , we at times fail to exhibit. Somehow, blame it the parenting or the environment, we fail to acknowledge the triffle marvels of all rituals we come across.

His thought of figuring Science as the Factor, that would unite us, is apar from human ideals, then. By adhering his perspective, let’s pity the sceptic, who dreams of the exclusive survival of his own religion from the bottom of our heart and point out to him that upon the banner of every religion will soon be written inspite of resistance: Harmony and not Dissension! Glory to the Cyclonic monk of India!