The Department of Mechatronics Engineering organised CHASE THE VIRTUAL EVENTS session to guide the students to participate and win National and International level events with two of our department alumni as Chief Guest. 

Virtual events session:

     The main objective of this session is to give guidance to the students, who have no idea about Events and Hackathons. This session provided the procedures and techniques to participate and win the events. 

List of happenings in the session:

  • The session began with acknowledging  the benefits of attending Events. 
  • The participants who had already attended events explained the procedure and techniques to win the events. 
  • Questions posted by panelists during the session and the questions collected from students during registration were answered. 
  • The details of upcoming events were given to the students.       

Benefits of attending Events and Hackathons:

  • Students will gain knowledge and experience, when they attend Events and Hackathons. 
  • Students will get more exposure and contacts. 

The benifits of event was given by Ms.Mayukha, 3rd year Mechatronics.

IIC-National Innovation Contest:

  • The Institution’s Innovation Council will conduct live sessions on innovation. 
  • Students will get exposed to many real time problems. 
  • Network development. 
  • Participating and winning the Innovation Contest will get Government funds for projects. 

This was explained by Mr.Rakesh, 3rd year Mechatronics.

Startup mania:

  • Select a problem statement. 
  • Attend Boot Camp. 
  • Get more knowledge. 
  • Attend this event to gain experience rather than any other motive. 

The explanation was given by Mr.Hari Saravanan, alumni of Mechatronics department, the founder and Chief Technology Officer of AVIA HEALTH CARE TECHNOLOGY

Smart India Hackathon:

  • Pick a problem statement from the list of choices given. 
  • Form an enthusiastic team. 
  • Work for the project and try to make your project very unique. 
  • Submit the tasks two hours before the deadline and then analyze yourself. 

The explanation was given by Mr.Dinesh, alumni of Mechatronics.

Design Challenges:

  • Compare your design with the existing one and make your design unique. 
  • Have market analysis. 
  • Consider Cost, Machinability, Manufacturability, Safety, Quality. 
  • Evaluators will focus on your uniqueness, creativity,the tools you have used for sketching and the presentation. 
  • Make use of GrabCAD Software and maintain a Portfolio. 
  • Utilise CAD,CAM Tutorials YouTube Channel. 

This was explained by Mr.Praveen, final year Mechatronics.


The details about e-YANTRA was given by Mr.Samvasan, 3rd year Mechatronics.

e-YANTRA robotics competition:

  • It gives Project Based Learning skills. 
  • It focuses on solving real world problems. 
  • Participants don’t need prior knowledge, a basic knowledge is enough. 
  • It mainly focuses on Embedded systems and Robotics. 
  • Get an overview and work for it. 
  • Follow the submission format. 
  • Plagiarism is strictly offended. 

e-YANTRA Innovation Contest:

  • It is a platform to showcase the project. 
  • Understand the hints given to solve the problem.     
  • Use of lab space available in College/University.
  • Get trained through MOOC and get a certificate. 
  • You will get 2-3 months of Technical and Entrepreneurial Mentorship.      
  • Work on the problem statement. 
  • Shortlisted projects will get nurtured by industrial collaborators to take it as a start-up. 

Upcoming events:

  • Next gen-idea online Worldwide hackathons. 
  • Hack table
  • Hackdays Baden. 
  • Hack to the future. 
  • Nokathon. 

This information was given by Mr.Selvakannan, 2nd year Mechatronics.


       This session gave an insight into the events and hackathons. The session was very informative and useful for the students and it cleared all the doubts regarding the procedures and criteria to participate in the events. It boosted the confidence and guided students to take up Hackathons. More than 45 students participated in the event.

        The event was conducted through Google Meet on 17th of October 2020 from 10.00 am to 11.30 am. 

Event Coordinator: Mr. Keerthivaasan, 3rd year Mechatronics.

Content creation: NANDHITHA.R