The event is organized on the remembrance of Mahatma Gandhi’s 152nd birthday. So the Main Moto of the event is to enrich the knowledge of Participants through the mode of the quiz, that is our Catechize Out!

This event is open to all and participants from various departments joined in our WhatsApp group, later the information regarding the event was given in that Group.

Two levels of Quiz happened, Prelims in the Quizzes Platform followed by Final Round in the MS Teams platform. 7 Finalists were selected from the Prelims.

Topics Chosen for the Catechize Out were
✓. Life History of Gandhi.
✓. Gandhi’s contribution towards our Indian Independence.
✓. National Movements.

The winners were announced in our Instagram Page on October 2 , 2021.

The event went out well!!

Outcome of the Event:: Participants have come to know about many National Movements along with their year and purpose of those movements. They also gained knowledge of the Unknown facts on Gandhi and his contribution towards our Indian Independence.



2nd- Nikhil