It is a webinar conducted by the Aeromodelling Club of KCT in association with the Department of Mechatronics Engineering and Zafi Robots to give career guidance to student who wish to excel in the field of robotics and UAVs. Mr. Mohamed Aashik Rahman, founder and CEO of propeller technologies was the resource person. The webinar was conducted on 8th august 2020 and the registrations were around 90. We had the number of participants around 65 and it is considered as one of the benchmark events of the club.


                        The organizers of this webinar are Syed Masood, 3rd year Aeronautical engineering and Pradeep, 2nd year mechatronics engineering.  Google forms were created for registration. The webinar was conducted as a question and answer session and questions were prepared prior to the session. The welcome speech was given by Rohini Janaki and the vote of thanks was delivered by Maria Vinsiya.


                         We had registrations around 90 and about 65 participated in the webinar. Despite our preparations, the participants presented themselves with loads of questions which made the event much more interesting.


                         Posters were created and share on social platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp.


                     Mr. Mohamed Aashik Rahman explained the latest developments in the field of robotics and UAVs. He talked about the exponential growth in the use of robots and UAVs especially in this pandemic period. He advised the participants to pursue their career with interest to be successful. His tips on entrepreneurship was a source of inspiration. Altogether, this webinar served as a platform to get a clear-cut idea on how to pursue career in the field of robotics and UAVs and also an entrepreneur.   


                 Overall, this webinar was very useful and informative to the participants to help shape their career.