Medical science is advancing nowadays. Every part of our body can be analyzedcompletely except our brain. Many parts of human brain and their actions are still undiscovered. The brain mass is around 1.4 kg and the volume is 1400 cc. Tencrores of brain cells called neurons are present in the brain. Each neuron will have multi thousand contacts with other neurons. Our intelligence and memory depend upon these interconnections.Brain needs oxygen (from lungs) and glucose (from food intake) for its effective functioning. Also, electric and magnetic fields are present in the brain.Mind is said to be a bundle of thoughts.It acts through the sense organs externally and creates waves in the brain. We can measure the brain waves using electroencephalogram (EEG). During normal listening we are said to be in beta state whose frequency above 13 Hertz.When we are in fear, anger or tensed state, the brain frequency may exceed 30 Hertz, which will give a deathblow to our concentration and good behavior.In alpha level with brain frequency ranging from 7 to 13 Hertz, reading, recording and recalling abilities will be goodthus improving our concentration. 

Normally, the frequency of brain waves depends upon the state of our mind. When we are at our placepreparing for the examination in a relaxed manner, the brain issaid to be in alpha state.  Assume we are now inside the examination hall waiting for the question paper in an agitated and tensed mood.The frequency of the brain waves increases to 30 Hertz. Even we may not be able to recollect the answers for familiar questions because the increased brain waves hide the registered answers inour brain. Wemust calm the brain to reach the alpha state, as at the time we study in a relaxed state. 

 What to do for that? 

  • Lightly close the eyes. 
  • Slowly inhale through nose. 
  • Slowly exhale through nose. 
  • Slowly. Deeply.  
  • Do it for five times.  

This is alpha breathing.By doing this we can observe a reduction in thefrequency of brainwaves resulting in improved recalling ability. Now wewill be able to recollect the registered answers from the brain. 

Factors which increases our brain waves: 

#  Tension 

# Anger 

# Lack of proper sleep 

# Unhealthy diet 

# Poor time management 

# Loud reading  

# Negative thinking 

Yogaand meditation help toreduce tension and improves blood circulation to the braincreating a calm mind. Calm mind improves our reading, recording, and recalling abilities.Calm mind is powerful.