The event is organized on the rememberance of Mahatma Gandhi’s 152nd birthday.

So the main Moto of the event is to reach the Gandhian principles in Easy way and we chose memes which is trending in social media and in this new normal. By spending less time the observers can take away the big concepts through memes.

So we have given 3 themes for the event

1. Make a meme using Gandhian principles

2. How the Gandhian thoughts connects with our day to day life

3. Difference between before freedom and after freedom.

By end of the event we have got about 30 participants and 40+ memes in the given three themes. And we have posted in our instagram account for the better reach of Gandhian concepts and better reach of creative ideas of students.

Winner: Samyuktha.V

Runner: Sriram.K