“Know road safety, no injuryNo road safety, Know injury”
All over the planet, a traffic crash is called an accident. It doesn’t matter if it is a vehicle hitting a tree without causing any injury, or a person getting injured, or worse case, someone dying in a crash; all of these collisions are routinely called accidents. However, with 94% of traffic crashes caused by human error, the vast majority of crashes are never really “accidents.”
The actual definition of an accident is: “an unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance.”
Yet most traffic crashes are due to human error, whether it is because of impaired driving, distracted driving, speeding or even driver inattention. A crash because of impaired driving is not unforeseen. A crash because of distracted driving is not unforeseen, nor is a crash caused by speeding or drowsy driving. A fatality because a person didn’t wear a seat belt is foreseeable. All of these actions are known to cause crashes and fatalities. The end result of these actions is foreseeable and preventable. So from this one thing is very clear and that is awareness about road safety is lacking among the public. So, with the vision of creating a huge difference regarding road safety we the rsp’ians come up with an event on every other week. 
The event for this week was “THE BRAINSTORM”. It was a very exciting and interesting events conducted for a span of 3 days from 5/11/20-7/11/20. The questions were posted on the official instagram page of the road safety club. On the initial 2 days of the event, the letters of the answers for the questions were given in a jumbled manner. The participants were supposed to rearrange the letters and find out a suitable answer. The third day of this event was all about crosswords. A total of 60 students participated in this event. It was a fun filled initiative leaving a positive impact among the participants.
The winner of this event was Iswarya-19BCS043 and the runner up was Selvanayaki-18BCE009. Also, 5 students were selected as the best performers: Aarthy.S(19BCS041), Shruthi.R(19BIS035), Sarvesh(18BEC034), Charan(19BIT051).

Change is coming and there is no question that it will take time. But it is that change that can allow people to recognize that we all have a role to play in traffic safety. The change can allow us to work towards a culture of prevention, not one of acceptance. Whether it is as a driver, a passenger or a pedestrian, we can all take steps to stay focused and make our roads safer.