In a view of creating awareness about the birds and their relationship with the environment, Nature club of Kumaraguru conducted a webinar on the subject of birds and biodiversity on World environment day,June 5.

On June 5, between 5.00 and 6.00 pm the webinar was held utilizing the online zoom platform. Our keynote speaker was Mr.K.Selva Ganesh,bird watcher and English teacher at Cinchona government high school, Valparai by profession.

The event started by 5.00 pm as planned. Mr. Selva Ganesh stated his prospect on the bird migration and the importance of the bird’s inter-relations with the environment. He spoke about the native dwellers of the Coimbatore city. He also expressed his thoughts on the e-birding websites and applications. He extended his speech on how e-birding websites are used in the prediction of the species count and the migrating bird populations. He also encourages his students to actively participate in the bird watching as well. Over 25+ participants participated enthusiastically in this event. The overall outcome of this webinar was that the participants were able to acquire a basic knowledge about birdwatching and the significance of the birds. The event withdrew with a vote of thanks by 6.00 pm.