Have you ever considered taking your motorcycle on a trip to another
country? Have you ever considered how intriguing it might be? Many
people all over the world dream of travelling to different countries, and some even make it a career. Several countries own many types of
vehicles, but the motorcycle is one of the most popular. We the Rotaract Club of Kumaraguru College of Technology planned to host an
event called “BIKE AROUND THE EQUATOR.” We contemplated hosting
this event with the Rood Safety Patrol KCT.
Many eager riders considered, and some had attempted, a bike ride to
the next state or nation, but failed to attain their goal. They may not
have achieved their goal because they lacked proper directions,
experiences, or a proper plan for what they needed to do, among other

Mr. Rtn. Fedricks John, who is a director, EVP, and Site Head at
Personiv, as well as a Harvard Business School Exec. Ed. Alumni, and a
member of the NASSCOM National SME Council-Institute of Directors,
has been invited. Mr. Dharanivel, a third-year electric and electrical
engineering student who is a dedicated motorcyclist and the youngest
person to receive an award from the India Book of Records and Kalam’s
World Records for lengthy trip while travelling solo on a motorcycle, has
also been invited as a speaker.

They discussed for about 45 minutes about their experiences, including how
they first became interested in riding motorcycles, how many challenges
they face, how they intend to ride a motorcycle from one country to
another, and how they get at their destinations. Participants were
enthralled by their discussion and bombarded the speakers with
questions, as well as sharing their own experiences. The discussion
became even more interactive, allowing the participants to learn more about one other. Many attendees gave favourable feedback and expressed an interest in attending future programmes.