“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” – Semisonic

             Our senior students have been great companions and friends. As they stand on the threshold of their new lives, we all got together one last time over fun and memories. On 20th June, 2021, we held a virtual farewell for the batch of 2021, the founders of our club, via Microsoft Teams. About 15 members joined us on this occasion to make it a more memorable one. The whole session was moderated by Naufia Haseena and Shamitha.

              The farewell started with a small activity which was followed by an opening note delivered by the club President, Subiksha. And then we all played ‘Never Have I ever’ where the attendees all had fun in sharing some of the embarrassing and interesting stories of their lives. And then the session was moved to dumb charades. We all took our turns to act while the game masters, Hemachandran and Subiksha, gave the words to the persons personally. The game session ended up being a fun bonding experience.

              After all the fun, the batch of 2021 was asked to share their feelings about and experience in Books and Beyond. All of them took their turns to talk and share some words of wisdom with their juniors. Following them, the juniors talked about their experience with the passing out batch. They shared some anecdotes and things they learned from their seniors. The club coordinator, Mrs Sreejana, graced the event with her brief presence and wished her best for the batch of 2021.             

  The event came to an end after two whole hours which will always be etched in our memory. We all had a good time talking and taking a jog down our memory lane. And even though we all are sad to watch them leave, we can’t wait to see them find their own place in the real world. Books and beyond of Kumaraguru wishes the batch of 2021 the best for all their future endeavours. We all left the session feeling content and bittersweet.