On this divine occasion of Ganesh Chathurthi, the students of Kumaraguru College of Technology (KCT) are extremely happy to have innovated the Bagasse Ganapathy.

Bagasse Ganapathy

From the Eco-makers of Kumaraguru!

ganaphathy kct

This divine made of Bagasse is the first of its kind! India is the second largest producer of sugarcane in the world. Its husk, the bagasse fiber which is a great eco-replacement, is the raw material that we used for our Eco Ganesha.  When comes in contact with water, it dissolves with the residue becoming food for the aquatic habitats and retains the natural properties of water thus eliminating the repercussions of dissolving the idol made of non-natural substances.

In recent years the sensitivity towards polluting the water by dissolving Ganapathy idols made of Plaster of Paris is in raise. To add light to this, the Natural Fiber Research Centre of KCT last year researched on alternative bio-degradable materials to make Ganapathy idol that ensures water sanity and found bagasse fibre to be an effective alternate for two reasons, one, reuse of the sugarcane waste and two, it is completely eco-friendly. Plant starch was chosen as the binding material as it reacted well with bagasse and the water when dissolved.  To produce in bulk copper mould was used and the idols are 5 inch.

The master minds behind this venture are Shalini, Niveda R, Naveen, Prithvi, Shivani, Malavika, Punitha, Yeshaswini, Pramoth and Venketesh Reddy from the fields of Textile Technology, Fashion Technology and Mechanical Engineering.

Shri. Shankar Vanavarayar, Joint Correspondent and Mr. Saravanan Chandrasekar, Environmentalist spent colossal time in mentoring the team to reach here!

The extended team members are; Indhumathi, Priyanka, Saadhana, Priya, Senthil Kumar, Sowmiya, Karthika, Punitha, Yeshaswini, Shivani, Dancy Prem of Fashion Technology,  Karthikeyan, Murugesan, Venkatesh of Electronics and Communication Engineering;  Chandra Kumar, Vinodhini, Rahasudha, Kaviya, Gokul Marish, Yuvan Shankar, Gokul E of Electrical and Electronics Engieering; Praveen of Mechatronics Engineering; Ishwarya of Textile Technology; Thilak of Automobile department, V. Satish kumar of Mechanical Engineering and Kalyana Sundaram of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering.

NFRC is the fibre research wing of Ré, the Research and Exploration cell of KCT.  While NFRC was is the master mind behind Bagasse Ganapathy, Ré ‘s execution support sky rocketed the manufacture of the idols. Special mention to Gowtham S, NFRC Executive and Brathikan Re- Executive for the market research and execution.

NFRC in September 2017 invented Kenaf fiber made eco and human friendly sanitary napkins and secured First Chattra Vishwakarma Award by All India Council for Technical Education and recognized by several Govt. bodies. This product will soon reach the rural places at a subsided price and urban places.

Kumaraguru community is immensely happy to have chosen a mindful, environment inclusive celebration of Ganesh Chathruthi this September.

ganaphathy kct

The Launch 06 Sept, 2018

Every element of nature is eternal and the circle of this eternity invokes divineness in abundance! Tweet, share and spread this word – #bagassegreenganapathy. We wish you a very happy Ganesh Charthuthi!