AUDVAR is the yearly conducted audition for intake of new members into the Varnam club.

Event preparations:
Ideas and opinions were shared and prepared before two weeks of the event. Since it’s online mode, new methods were implemented to engage freshers and to help them to learn more from Varnam.

Marketing phase:
Event poster was shared in Varnam’s Instagram page(@varnam_at_kct) and circulated in the brigade groups and in every club member’s social media pages.

Event Description:
Registrations were received via Google forms.

Total number of registrations: 65

Event duration: 10.12.2020 – 14.12.2020

Event coordinators – Shanmathi and Rashmi.

Varnam has gained 60+ art enthusiasts through this Audvar. Like the expectations shared by the freshers in their registrations, Varnam members will try and are trying their maximum best to meet up to it.
Varnam is a very beautiful place to not only learn art but also to build their character and develop leadership and management skills. To test a person’s interest in art and other qualities, to experience a perfect bonding with their fellow members and seniors, Varnam is the perfect place to add sparkling delight in your journey of years in KCT. Like we call it as “Varnam family” with pride in our heart and smile on our face, Welcoming all freshers to the club of colours named Varnam.

Action plans:
We have planned to divide freshers into clusters as like brigade under the lead of two core members. This new method is implemented to make sure that everyone gets to know their fellow club mates and to ensure maximum participation and performance even in this new normal. It’s planned to have this meet every Sunday at 11am and the freshers have also shared their consent to it.

Written by Shanmathi, Team Varnam