YOUTH RED CROSS club of Kumaraguru Institute conducted a workshop in collaboration with HAM CLUB OF KUMARAGURU for an awareness program regarding the ASOC examination. The event is named ASOC (Amateur Station Operator’s Certificate Examination) AWARENESS PROGRAM.

This workshop was organized on 28th April at 5.00 pm and held at Seminar Hall of the civil department. The registration forms were circulated through various social media platforms, student groups, peers, and also via E-mails for those who showed interest by registering for this event.

The main objective of the event is to spread awareness about ASOC Examination, the syllabus to be covered, strategies to score marks, and also procedures to get HAM LICENSE.

The guest Mr. Karthikeyan, Assistant Professor, ECE dept, HAM club incharge has covered the topics of what HAM radio is, why we opt for it, how it works and how to be a HAM operator, when it is used, and where it is used.

He also mentioned that coastal areas students should be handy, Unlike other communication networks, HAM radio can be used for establishing communication during disaster situations without any infrastructure like towers.

By qualifying Amateur Station Operator Certification Exam( ASOC )exam and getting a license from the Ministry of Communication (WPC) one can become a HAM operator.

Finally, he gave a demo on how to use a handy(Walkie-Talkie) by tuning at a particular frequency.

We had around 30+ participants. the event ended nearly at 6.45 pm. The doubt clearing session was also held in which students came up with various types of questions and got them cleared in every possible aspect.