Intelligence is the capacity to recognize, analyse and decide on the objects and process based on the experience or learning. Acquiring knowledge and training provides the ability or intelligence. A person possesses intelligence or expertise due to the experience in the specific field. Nowadays, in addition to the Human Intelligence (HI), computers and machines are employed for the monitoring and decision-making tasks which is termed as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Human Intelligence:

Starting from childhood, every human starts learning about things and events around them by observing and doing. Continuous involvement makes them cable of understanding and deciding about the tasks. It is called human intelligence. Human memory retains the information about the object or task. Humans are capable of designing, developing and evaluating various systems based on the requirements. HI consists of various cognitive activities to suit the environments. It can perform multitasking with an undefined duration by taking into consideration, the new system conditions.

Artificial Intelligence:

AI is developed by human. It is meant for performing specific task in fixed duration and conditions. Database is created from the history or experiments. The system variables are mapped to the known conditions and the logic is built for making decisions. AI is the digital computer process utilizing a large memory data.

AI is not the complement of HI, instead it could be a supplement for HI for smart services. Hence, AI is the subset of HI.