We are all aware of the famous quote, “Success is a journey, not a destination”. Most of us often target the ultimate and forget to enjoy the travel towards it. It is critical that we are conscious about every single step that we put across during the travel. When we start focusing on the path, we understand that each move has multiple spokes connected to it; spokes that are not limited to just us and our immediate ones but beyond that. Once we cultivate the habit to accept all those contributions, we will understand that our success was not just the result of our own effort but also because of the support that was rendered by our dear ones and a range of contributors; perhaps, the last gate keeper who waited for us to spend that extra hour in library so that we could accumulate the knowledge we wanted to.

To be an ACE champion, start by accepting. Accept that though we have talent, our success was accomplished by plenty of individuals who crossed our lives that may have lasted from a few second to hours together. This acceptance will make us humble and possess the gratitude to acknowledge and thank the wonderful souls who selflessly supported us in one form or another. While we celebrate our success and recognize the people behind it, deep within the consciousness, let us be thankful to everyone who helped us to achieve our pinnacle. All great legends possess this quality. This is also a great trait of wonderfully loved leaders and greatly admired human beings.

While we are celebrating our success, it is critical that we celebrate individuals as well. We would come across many types of personalities in our lives with varied talents. Based on our intuition or judgment, we would have a certain type of energy channelized towards them which gets activated when we meet, hear or think about them. We are all aware that anything that is progressive is good and will yield positive output and vise versa. It is critical that we be conscious of this energy and channelize it properly. Most common reason for negative energy is the insecurity that we may have deep within. Negative energy is destructive and pull us back by multiple years, spoiling all our hard work and efforts. While it is advised to look only at progressive individuals, it is important that we celebrate them for their skill set, talent or specialization as it transforms the negative energy into positive energy within us, protecting us from the shade of negativity like ego, jealousy, competition or complex. Once we start celebrating people for their uniqueness, we conceal ourselves with plenty of positive energy. We often find that such people act as our indirect teacher making us better. With high intense positive energy cocooning us and our multi-dimensional efforts, magic will happen in anything and everything we strive for, taking us to the heights of glory while we are still being humble and humane.

Once we reach the heights or when we have accomplished something big, it is important to get absorbed into the moment of glory but it is not sensible to stop moving forward. Stagnation is one of the biggest villains of great talents. While nature or situations may play a role in slowing us down or hampering the momentum, it is important that we keep exploring avenues to implement our learnings and enrich ourselves with further knowledge. The best way to conduct this exploration process is by helping. Like the saying goes, “The best way to learn is to teach”, helping is also a great way to learn. By helping anyone in need with a solution or knowledge which we learnt, we are creating a situation that triggers those parts of our memory and brushes up our knowledge. So, without judging the seeker for his inability and being condescending with them, let us look at the situation as an opportunity gifted to make ourselves better. This will help us to progressively fine tune our skills and at the same time help someone in need meaningfully.

Cultivating this quality of being mindful of our journey and accepting each one who contributed to our success, celebrating others for their skillset, soaking ourselves in positive energy and exploring opportunities to invest and fine tune our skills, set us to be an ACE Champion for lifetime, with a permanent positive impact on this world and in the hearts of all those people who crossed our lives. “Any new idea is a joke till it is achieved by someone”. I know and have plenty of ACE Champions as friends in the society and colleagues at my workplace who are spreading their magic on countless individuals, their lives and families. Do you have what it takes to be an ACE Champion?