‘If you learn from defeat, you haven’t really lost’. To improve the logical skills through practice the Department Association of ISE conducted an effective online event called ‘Aptitude Test – 2’ on 20th November 2020 which was a continuation of the previous event ‘Aptitude Test’. The main motive of this event was to help participants understand their abilities of problem solving, decision making, evaluating and analysing by solving aptitude problems.

A google form with 25 MCQ’s covering the topics like problems on trains, area, volume, surface area, calendar, problems on ages and clock were circulated to the participants. About 15+ participants benefitted by participating in this event which held for two hours. The answer for each question with the explanation of the solution has been made visible to the participants along with their scores after the submission of the google form. Winners were declared based on their scores in the test.


Department Association of ISE