An Aptitude is a component of a competence to do a certain kind of work at a certain level. It may be physical or mental, outstanding level of aptitude may be considered as talent. In order to master our students in that area, Mechanical Engineering Association conducted an event called “Aptitude Stand a Chance”. This was an open to all department event, where the participants from all the departments attended and won cash prizes.

            The first round of this event happened on 10th October, out of 107 registered, 97 participated. The questions to the students were sent through MS forms. The participants were allowed to use 45 minutes to answer the given 30 questions. The questions of this round were from Numbers, Simplification, HCF and LCM and Time, Speed related problems.

            The second round was conducted on 24th November. This time the questions were from Ratio and Proportion, Probability, Surface Area and Volume and Profit, Loss. Both these rounds were co-ordinated by Mr. Praveen B- 18BME092. Answer keys were released after the completion respective rounds and scores were mailed to the individuals.

            The winners of the first round were Mr. Srivathsan-18BME088 and Ms. Nandhini-18BME068. Mr. Aravindhan- 17BME056 secured first in the second round and Mr. Nanda Kumar- 17BME092 and Mr. Vishnu- 19BME080 tied in the second position. This event was greatly welcomed by the students and all their feedbacks were recorded. A lot of such events are planned in the coming days.