Applied Theatre webinar held for ten days with different speakers nationally.Applied theatre uses the elements of theatre performance to structure participatory theatre experiences for people. It eschews both functional role plays and simulations and also drama therapy to use theatre as a democratic process for the sharing of stories in safe and structured processes.Ten speakers from various places are gathered  from across the world on a virtual platform for students of Kumaraguru and outside who are interested in theatre, acting and plays. A certificate of merit will be provided  for qualified students at the end of the workshop.  It is an collaborated event with Sicca and theater live.It is an open for all event.It started from 7th of June and ended on 16th June .It held via Google Meet.With over 200 Registerations. 

Speakers of the Webinar:

1)Divya Bhatia Director

-Jaipur Literary Festival. 

2)KR Upendra, 

– Vilokanaa Arts & Education Academy, Bangalore. 

3)Clark Baim 

-Psychodramatist, Birmingham Institute for Psychodrama (UK). 

4)Felicia Owusu-Ansah 

-Applied Theatre scholar, University of Ghana. 

5)Manjima Chatterjee 

-Central Arts Curriculum Lead, Shiv Nadar School. 

6)Dr.Satish Pawade 

-Playwright, Director, Critic &Trainer. 

7)Nikita Teresa Sarkar 

-Theatre Practitioner & Curator. 

8)Kaustubh Bankapure 

-Director, Applied Theatre India Foundation. 


-Co-founder & Artistic Director Training Sideways. 


-Theatre director, Translator,Acadamecian,Marappachi Theatre group. 

Special Invitie of webinar:Mr.Nasser M 

-Film actor & Director 

We had a registeration fee as Rs._ for outsiders and free for kctians.We have generated Rs.__through this event. 

Feedbacks are positive and nice,The overall webinar was conducted very neatly and effectively and I am eagerly waiting for more webinar from your side. Thanks for conducting this valuable and informative webinar for us in pandemic situation. 

Through this event, participants got deeper knowledge and insights about theatre .