Split Screen may be a new feature that’s provided by almost every modern day’s IDE. By using Split Screen, you’ll use two screens at a time i.e. the same window are going to be split into two parts, either vertically or horizontally. In order to separate the window, right-click on the tab of the file that you simply want to separate then choose Split Vertically/Horizontally. 


The theme of the IDE plays a crucial role in determining the time that we will spend on Android Studio to write down code. So, an honest and eye-soothing theme must be there. To change the Theme and colour of the Android Studio, go to: 

*For Windows: File > Settings > Appearance & Behaviour >Appearance > Theme and then choose the desired Theme. To change the colour of the editor text, you can go to File > Settings > Editor and change the desired property. 


While developing an Android application, we make many files and there are many classes and layouts. So, it becomes a harder task to find where the file is located. By pressing shift (two times), you will get a window to search anything you want to find.