Description of the event

                                        It is a drone-based event, where students from any college can participate and get some insights into drones. In today’s modern world, drones play a major role in every field. In this competition, students will understand the science behind drones by doing quizzes, blogs and ppt presentations. This event comprises three categories and in each category, participants will get filtered for the final presentation. In the final round, a problem statement will be given to the participants. With these problem statements, they have to bring a better solution and have to present it to the judges. The best presentation is chosen and awarded.


Questions for the quiz event, topics for blog writing and video presentation, and problem statements for the final round were drafted. Minimum scores to qualify for each round were determined along with the marking scheme. Instructions to be shared with the participants were also framed. Roshan V, Madhan S, Sharandeep Singh Bali, Rahul N, Ansu Susan Deepak were the event Organizers.


Round 1: Quiz

 The Quiz was posted on 8th August at 8.30 am. It was instructed to provide a single submission per team. The quiz was conducted via Google Forms. The marks were awarded based on the quality of the answers provided.

Round 2: Blog Writing or Video Presentation

  Participants were allowed to choose either blog writing or Video presentation. The topics were posted on 9th August at 10.30 am. The Instructions for blog writing and Video presentation were shared with them. Teams and individual participants who have performed well were finalized for the next round.

Round 3: Presentation

In this round, participants were asked to present a solution to the problem statement provided. Mr. Vijayanandh, Assistant Professor of Aeronautical Department, KCT was the judge. 10 mins were allotted for each team to present their idea in front of the panel on 15th August 2021. Marks were provided based on the uniqueness and clear view of the idea presented.


94 individuals and 40 teams participated in the first round. Based on the result of the first round, 26 teams were selected for the second round. Finally,  10 teams were shortlisted for the final round based on the uniqueness and quality of the content provided in the second round.


The event posters were created and shared on Whatsapp, Aeromodelling KCT Instagram and LinkedIn page along with the registration link.

Learning and Outcomes:

Team Volantw from P.S.G college of technology  won the first prize. Participants were able to learn about the various aspects and features of drones for a particular application. The main outcomes of this event were technical interaction, improvisation on presentation and problem-solving skills.


“Learning today is a foundation for a better future”. This event became a good foundation to learn about drones and also inspired many participants to learn some more in the future.