Aero design challenge is a challenge conducted for first year students to design the aerospace-based designs in fusion 360 in each period of time. The main objective of the event is to build software knowledge in fusion 360 so that they can implement to their needs. Invitation was created to invite the students for the session. 

Date: 13-02-2021

Time: 10am-12.30pm

Participants: Probation students of SEDS KCT

Overview of the event:

  The session was started with Organizer’s Welcome address, it covered the objectives of the event and followed by instructions given by the organizers to the participants.

  The rules and regulations of the event was, there were 2 sections A and B. Section A have two questions from which one of it had to be answered. Section B have just one compulsory question with more difficulty. Section A had to be completed in the first 30 mins. (10.30 to 11.00.a.m). Section B had to be completed in 1 hour. Questions were raised by the participants and cleared by the organizers. And, whoever didn’t have a laptop or PC to do the designs, were grouped into teams with people having a laptop or PC. Questions for the event were given to the participants. Everyone was in the meeting till the event end.

 After the students completed their given task, submission link was shared through teams at 12.00 am in which the answers had to be uploaded and we asked them to submit the answers in both file format and link format

Number of participants: 35


Digital Posters were created for the event and marketed to the students with the help of social media like Instagram, WhatsApp etc.


Because of the challenge, all participants gained information about how to design in fusion 360 and the many tools utilized, as well as their value in numerous industries. The coordination skills of those who worked in groups increased as well.


At last, Feedback form was circulated to the participants, and we got good response. There were many questions raised by students and cleared by organizers, hope they’ll got the knowledge related to fusion 360, the event ended successfully.