When the pH value of water goes down from 7 to 0, it is considered as acid and when the value is 0, it is more acidic. The HCL(Hydrochloric acid) is dangerous for humans as it has corrosive effect which can give severe burning effect and complete damage on skin , tissues and other parts and sometimes even cause death.


Most of the violent acts reported are only against women. Women are taken for granted by men for their cruel dirty desires. Women are endlessly being abused , harrassed , hurted physically and sexually and even killed by men for decades.Acid attack is one of the brutal acts. In the intension of killing or disfiguring their face , some persons threw the acid on the victims faces which sometimes may cause blindness. Acid attack is the most painful violation compared to other brutal acts.

According to the 2018 survey, india recorded 1483 acid attack victims in four years with Uttar Pradesh being highest of 260 victims.


Acid attack crimes undoubtedly make the most terrible acts in world crimes. Despite women be the the targeted victims mostly , appallingly around 30 to 40 percent of acid attack survivors are men. No one would believe men are also victims as they became unreported.

The main reasons for such horrifying attacks are jealousy , vengeance , aggression and so on. Most commonly , If a person does’nt fall for another’s sexual desire or affair, the other gender would commit this crime to take revenge.

The punishment or penalty of this crime is according to ipc 326A. This section suggests that the criminal must be sentenced to not less than 10 years plus fine that meets the medical expenses of victim. This section is non bailable case.


Whenever we talk about acid attacks, the first person who comes into our picture is laxmi agarwal, a popular acid attack survivor. Laxmi agarwal is 30 years old woman belongs to New Delhi , India. In 2005 ,when she was fiftteen years old, she became the victim of acid attack by a thirty two year old man whom she refused to marry.

Then the victim of acid attack , now the social activist , tv presenter and recipient of International women of courage award. She has laxmi foundation and known for ‘stop acid attacks’ in India.Most notably, a bollywood movie was released in 2020 named Chhapaak which is based on real story of laxmi agarwal.


Every one of us face some kind of disaster in some point of time. One who never gets dejected and stands hopefully marks a name in the history. One such people is laxmi agarwal. Her confidence made a good change in her life. She even changed many other victims life by her social activity and campaigns. Not only laxmi , many other survivors such as pragya singh , daulat bi khan , reshma quereshi and anmol were also became the sowers of confident seeds.

The most inspiring stories born from the most terrible calamities. People who overcame from such accidents became inspirators.