The teaching and evaluation process came to cope with a new challenge in this pandemic situation. There is no doubt, the students and teachers are still struggling to adopt the new methodologies to compensate the traditional classrooms set up. On the other side it is clearly visible that online education industry is spotting a new horizon in education sector opening various ways for e-learning.

There is a massive or rising demand for online classes. Total shift from traditional to online education is impossible due to numerous reasons. Certainly, availability of internet access plays a  significant role but then the accessibility to such facility comes to a big question mark- “is all the students accessible to such facility, are they financially good to possess all these gadgets, are they located in continuous Internet access zone( rural or urban)”.

Since most of the students are from rural area this new normal is quite difficult for them to adopt. Surveying the student status and offering the courses is a new strategy to compensate the new normal. Continuous internet streaming is the primary requirement for online class scenario, which is not available for 100% of students. This could be patched by providing recorded links of the classes, which they are unable to attend. Many open source software and online courses are also helping students and teachers in many ways. Online courses were offered at free of cost by most of the leading university based on the subject relevance. Sustaining to learn new technologies in this era of pandemic COVID-19 situation is by upgrading the knowledge through the availability of resources rather than sitting back and wait for normalcy.