“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all “

In a teacher centered classroom we are all accustomed to a set of learning practices whereas during these virtual classes many of us face difficulties to cope up with our academics. We are all in search for some effective strategies to handle this.

Analysing this, Agam Forum of KUMARAGURU Institutions proudly presented an event named “ACCELERATE YOUR ACADEMICS” on August 7th between 5:30PM to 6:30PM on MS-Teams Plartform. “Little as a teacher begins a day, you realize that you are always a learner”, Likewise the session was handled by Dr.EZHILARASI Mam(Associate Dean & Head SFS), where more than 60 students participated and interacted curiously.

Event Poster

Denoting a great start, some of the interesting poll questions were circulated asking Whether we are really happy as the colleges were closed, where most of them response was that they were not at all and another kind of poll question included the students response as they were the one who suffers greatly on online classes where, some of them interacted about teachers struggles and responsibilities also.

Followed by this, many funs filled memes and everyone opened up their zany situations during their virtual classes. And the students shared their struggles during class and interacted with the mam by analyzing the causes and ended up finding the solution. This session taught many tactics to break some of the barriers we face during online classes. As a whole, it was an interactive session where many of them feedback asked us to conduct these kinds of sessions in future.

This session made everyone realise the importance of interaction and a good planning. At the end, it made everyone leave the session with a great motivation for their next academic year.

“Learning Never Exhausts”