The ABLE club was inaugurated on 06 March 2019. ABLE club will empower individuals to lead an autonomous life, to enhance the knowledge of students to provide technical solutions for social issues, to inculcate health & wellbeing through safety, service and support, to enable an accessible environment and promote equality through inclusivity.

Ms.Kalki Subramaniam, transgender rights activist, actor and writer, Mr. Naveen Kumar , founder of Atchayam trust, National Youth awardee 2015-16 and  Mr.Jagdeesh, social activist , Vivekanandar awardee made their way as the chief guest into this event.

Having lost her friend who was affected with HIV and also witnessing the horror caused to the Trans community, she was determined to help them and started “Sahodari”. She helps her community to express and grow through art. She also requests the parents of the Trans genders to understand their children and help them to lead a normal life as she feels, “Change begins at home”. She is Kalki Subramaniam

Crediting his growth to his high school, Jaggu always felt inclusive with his society. For plans to be sustainable, Jaggu feels that policy level changes should be made thereby leading to a healthy social living and he is Mr. Jagadeesh.

In his final year, by witnessing the life of a young beggar and helping him to start a new life, he has come a long way. Though people around kept discouraging him, he continued his work and started an organisation called “Atchayam Trust”, which is actively working on destitute people development. He also wants the society to stop helping the beggars by just giving them money and feeling satisfied by this act, but rather try understanding what led them to this position. He also wants them to be referred as “யாசகன்” and not as “பிச்சைக்காரன்”. He is Mr.Naveen Kumar.

A panel discussion on the idea, ABLE, by the guests was a true motivation. Criticizing views on transgenders and differently abled were brought to discussion and through their sharing they threw a new light to understanding altogether.

The club will accomplish its missions and will  function with ‘not to recognize ourselves as helping hand; not to feel superior’ as the core, as suggested by the President of Kumaraguru institutions, Shri.Shankar Vanavarayar.

ABLE logo was launched by Principal of Kumaraguru college of technology, Dr. J.Senthil and by other guests.