The Mechanical Engineering Association of KCT is well known for the innovative and informative events they conduct in the campus.

AATRAL is one such event that is exclusive to the Mechanical Department of KCT.  It is a very special event where the students of Mechanical Department are recognized for their achievements and brilliance in both academic and extracurricular fields. This event was cancelled in the previous year due to the global pandemic, but this time the event was conducted via virtual mode with more, if not the same energy and enthusiasm as done before.

 The event commenced on the 5th of July 2021. The event started at 4:45 and had an overwhelming participation of over 100 people. The members of Mechanical Engineering Association (MEA) whole heartedly prepared for a month for the successful completion of the event under the leadership of Mr. Aswath, President MEA and the Faculties. The association circulated forms ahead of the event and nominee’s details were collected.

Another speciality of this event was that the students themselves nominated their name for the various award categories. This gave the student a chance to self-introspect and realise in which field they have excelled.

The award achievers were selected based on points that were given according to various aspects. The jury who chose the awardees for the MEA members and in the field of academics constituted of the HOD, class advisor and the MEA faculty coordinators. The club and forum presidents chose the award winners in the club and forum activities. The other MEA award winners were chosen by the MEA president Mr. Aswath D.

The various awards distributed to honour the MEA members are best organiser, best volunteer, best ideator and best team player. The 3rd and 2nd year students who excelled in the field of academics and research were awarded with the Eminent Star Award and Outstanding Student Award respectively. For the active and sincere participation in various clubs and forums students were awarded with the Best Performer Award as well as Best Volunteer Award. The event also recognised the students who did an excellent job in Project Based Learning (PBL) with their outstanding projects.

In the event, special recognition was given to the best event volunteer and MExpress student article. The organisers of the event didn’t forget to recognise the support and guidance of the MEA faculty during the event.

The achievers were presented with an e certificate which was very thoughtful as July 5th was the world environment day. To conclude, the event was a huge success and was very interactive. The event was fruitful in every aspect. It had a large number of participants and every single one of the students who excelled in various fields was recognized. The event itself encouraged the current achievers to carry on with their astonishing work and achieve more in their upcoming life.

The others got inspired by their fellow student’s achievements reminding them everything is possible with hard work and dedication. This event was a very insightful one to all.