What is 5G? 

5 G is the new generation network evolved from 4G LTE networks, which is the new global standard for broadband cellular networks . It is designed to enable IoT, which is to connect anything on the globe. Some of its salient features are : High speed multi-Gbps data rate, very low latency, scalable, very low downtime and a uniform user experience with a download speed of 10 Gbps.  

Who invented 5G? 

Several companies were involved in the invention of 5G with a major contribution by Qualcomm and many others such as Ericsson, Intel and Samsung. 

How will 5G affect people? 

5 will affect the life style of people in many ways, such as faster download speeds, low latency and more capacity and connectivity especially in the domains of Virtual Reality, IoT& Artificial Intelligence. 

What will 5G provide? 

5G is driving behind the Global growth. Its full effect will be realized in 2035, supporting Industry 4.0. It will boost up the job market for operators, content creators, app developers and much more.  

5G is massively used in enhanced mobile broadband, mission-critical communication and IIoT. 

What are the major classifications of use case for 5G? 

Massive Machine to Machine Communication – To connect millions of machines without the intervention of humans 

Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication – Used in real time control of devices, industrial robotics, vehicle to vehicle communication, autonomous driving and transport networks.  

Enhanced Mobile Broadband – To provide faster data transmission speeds and higher capacity keeping the world connected.  

Is 5G available now? 

5G is available since early 2019. Many major Android phone manufacturers started commercializing 5G phones. It is being deployed in more than 35+ countries 

Do I need to own a new phone to experience 5G? 

A new smart phone with 5G support is required to experience 5G. The availability of subscriptions and smart phones will increase as the 5G rollout timeline progresses.  

How Secure if 5G? 

In order to mitigate the risks arising from global connections, new 5 G Security tools are devised by this technology contributors. A stronger security feature with added encryption in the edge and network slicing are incorporated to further secure the networks. 


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