We proudly present the testimonials of the stars of Super 60 who owe their incredible success to the transformative journey they undertook at Super 60

It is bliss!

This is how I would describe Super 60.Being a part of Super 60 was a dream for me since my second year where I first heard about the programme for the first time. My craving towards Super 60 is so eternal which made me wait for two long years and I finally got the opportunity in my final year. It was an exciting and interesting journey for me in Super 60 starting from the interview process. Each day at Super 60 (including interview) left with lot of questions and with a lot of answers. It is ironic but this is how Super60 functions.

The takeaway from each day would be so much and they are for lifetime. Different types of mentors from various fields gave multidimensional lessons to us. Learnings about empathy, leadership, self development, introspection, physical education and many more were given in their own way. 

A year just passed away like a snap. Though the programme got over in three months, Super 60 never has an ending. It is like a stone thrown in a lake which creates ripples across the surface. I thank everyone who made this journey possible for me. 


Works at Robert Bosch 

I’m amazed when I sit and look back at the past one year. To be specific, say after I had started my super 60 journey. From understanding who I  am to empathizing and not hurting others was one of the best learning which has to practised everyday. This platform paved me the way to explore the unknown and practice what fears me. I can see the progress and clearance in my thoughts and words when I speak out. And ultimately I am the only one who can fight for my goal, for it gave me the confidence and helped me to raise my self-esteem too. Everyday I thank my super 60 mentors, guide and my team for what I am today that I didn’t even imagine before.