Gathering together for a bond between us brings happiness. This is the place to rethink about the memories you sculptured. We feel happy to see you again in KCT. 
A warm and vibrant day hosting the family back at home again . . .

Close to 100 students, staff and faculty attended the 5th Year Reunion celebration today in KCT premises. The event started off with cake cutting, which the alumni enjoyed. The reunion began, with welcome address by Valliappan, sports, leadership council. Followed by that Principal, Dr. J. Senthil addressed gathering. After Principal’s address, Radhalakshmi, elaborated on the highlights of KCT from 2014. It was continued by Mr. Soorya Prakash, Alumni relations. 

Then it was our Joint Correspondent who addressed the gathering. He vividly remembered the students by their names and remembered how he called each of them. He gave a new perspective to the alumni reunions to come in the future. He strongly sowed the seeds for future alumni meet, that it has to become a value network in the years to come. For the 10th reunion, he emphasized that he wished to see them in higher rungs of their career. Followed by sir, the alumni who weren’t able to make their presence to the event sent recorded clips about what they wanted to share. Followed by that video, many volunteered to the stage. The event came to a close and photo session was arranged after that.

reunion 2019 selfie

After an amazing lunch, the alumni were taken for a campus tour to get them aware of what is new on the campus that they did not get to see. Then, they were taken to visit Forge accelerator where they got to know about the various ongoing projects. Followed by that there was an amazing cultural feast the Alumni got to relish. Music club and drama club joined together to rock the entire stage the day ended with more memories.