Everyone were on cloud nine on 29th June 2018 and guess why, yes it is the reunion of 1993 batch after 25 years. And what else do people expect from a silver jubilee reunion party other than fun, entertainment and memories to cherish forever. And when we say entertainment, it is apparent that it’s all about music, humor, dance, drama an damaka.

A cracking interaction

The event took place at Le meridian and to top the cake with a cherry it was the first official event for the Haasya club for this academic year. To everyone’s excitement the event went perfect with full on masti and drama.  To add fuel to the fire, The Haasya club of KCT took complete care of the MC.

Standup comedy by Haasya!

After the music and the dance performance the batch 1993 students (because they are always students for KCT :-)) were super comfortable and that’s when the three beautiful and gorgeous ladies from our club walked the stage to rock it.

When the costume changes the scene changes!

But suddenly as bullets out of gun, came those uncles to share the stage with those already rocking ladies and shockingly their families also admitted that they still have that naughty teenager in them. And the day ended with food too good to resist.

The happiness and craziness from the previous day still lingering in them, the people gathered again on 30th June to continue their ever so sweet reunion. More opened up than the previous day, the people waited for more and the entertainment group didn’t fail to satisfy them.


With lots of games, activities and tasks there came the end of the wonderful evening that would definitely haunt each one of them who were present, for another millennium.

The Silver Jubilee batch