A beautiful Wednesday it was. Nature club had planned to launch its organic farming project that day. The day before, Brathikan came to me and invited to join the Pooja on the next morning at 6 am. With a “possible or not” state of mind, I accepted the invite besides his flattering “Green Thumb” accolades. 

The Morning. Even before my alarm woke me by 4.30 am, I woke up earlier to cancel the alarm. It was a “morning miracle” for me..! I started a little later than 6am waiting for some daylight before I started my 5 km journey from home to KCT campus. But I was just on time for the Pooja. I was happy to sow the first seeds in the beautifully prepared crop bed of the vast YEOCROFT project land. Sometimes connecting with Nature does the magic and what could be better than this to start a day at -work…?

With a small alteration of class hours, I finished my one hour lecture and then headed to the “temple of fine arts” in the city run by reputable trust for several decades. Being a Coimbatorian for so long, I felt guilty for not having known this place all these days. I had to meet the Director of this fine arts temple and discuss a proposal with her for an upcoming event in the campus. The discussion yielded positive outcomes. It was slightly past lunch when I returned to campus. 

Then came the evening. I missed the play by 30 mins..my bad. Perch (https://www.facebook.com/Perch.Chennai/ ) play-troupe was performing their portrayal of Ki.Ra. Kuzhambu in Jyothi Nilayam, KCT’s guest house. The event was co-ordinated by Shri. Dharanidharan of Udalveli (https://www.facebook.com/udalveli.events/). Wow…the troupe can enact like a frog and u can’t deny that u dint see a frog there…so true..so lively. I was engrossed in their expressions and couldn’t just laugh at their funny portrayal of characters. All that was running in my thoughts were, how did we forget such Real things. Once a minute or so, I was reminding myself that I was not watching a virtual play on screen but a live performance. Like Inception, I needed a totem to help me differentiate and shake me to say that what was happening right in front is reality and not virtuality. It was truly a hold on to reality that’s necessary in the fast paced digital world.

An icing to the cake. The crown to the day. Me honouring Her. She, with her profound expressions stole us that evening and I, nowhere near to her talent, was invited to do the honours to such a fantastic artist. Certainly it was me who felt much honoured to give away thanks to this beautiful artist. A lovely feeling on a beautiful evening.

What an end to the day-at-work..!

Truly a Memorable day in the Life@KCT