Everyone has their own set of challenges and obstacles that prevent them from thriving and living their life to the fullest.

If there is anything this pandemic has taught us, it’s that we need to be aware and cognizant of personal hygiene whether at home or in the workplace.The coronavirus, or COVID-19, is also inciting panic for a number of reasons. It’s a new virus and its vaccine is yet to be found.

In response to this global pandemic, We the RED RIBBON CLUB of KUMARAGURU COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY decided to conduct an event named “QUIZCINE”,to let everyone have a quick self-assess on how aware are they about Covid-19.The event was conducted on 09.08.2020.

Overall, we had over 80+ participants.The main motto of this event is to analyze the knowledge we have about Covid-19 and to battle stress,depression and to take care of our mental health.The one who is well aware of the latest happenings has been awarded as the winner and it is Ms.Sowmiya from second year ECE department .
As an outcome of the event ,we made every participant to understand the forthcomings of not being aware of the Covid-19 updates. We also created awareness on social distancing and other norms to be followed. Let us all follow the safety measures and guidelines as instructed by the government and fight this pandemic together.

“Don’t let the virus quarantine your mind, stay connected!”