Day-by-day web design trend will be changed, if you would like to become the best web designer you must follow the 8 most important web design trends. All of this trend based on the user experience and this will be hugely spread in the year of 2018.

1. Stunning Typography

Every website most important for Typography, now a day most of the website banners slogan is used the huge and stand out design fonts. This will be making more beautiful and the audience clearly knows about the products and services.

2. Material design lite

Past years Google Material is more popular, in upcoming years Material design lite may be increased the design process. This design standards same as Google material design but the development process is easier for HTML developers also this is minimizing the java scripts.

3. Concentrate Navigation

Current trend website concentrates on the website navigation’s because if navigation properly focuses then only user can easy to navigate the entire websites and reduce the bounce rate. Also, most of the design companies create the navigation with Tile and animation effects. This will be helpful to more interactive the website audience.

4. Split screens

Split screens trend really workout for many website success because this will be clearly explained the visitors for each and every section. Many websites products page using this screen split concept this will be really helpful to audience know the products and service easier rather than traditional paragraph formation.

5. Minimal and Animation Scrolling

Today’s most of the website uses the scrolling pages with animated text and images if the user scrolls the text of the page will be displayed with animation effects. This will be more interactive content but the scrolling should be minimizing, it should not move to more the 5 scrolls.

6. Animated images and Vector icons

The loading process is more important, replace the GIF animation images if used the videos. Also, use the SVG format images for important feature icons. Nowadays most of the website uses typography icons such as font awesome, google material design icons.

7. Mobile Priority

Mobile device adaptation is more important for current website trends because most of the people access the website using the smartphone. So, when you planned the layout and typography which is suitable for mobile friendly and should not impact the layout of mobile devices.

8. Sticky elements

Sticky elements are more popular for past and upcoming years, most of the commercial websites designed the sticky products banner in a bottom to the top area. This will be more highlighted the audience also most of the website main navigation designed with sticky. If they scroll to end the page user still able to move anywhere of the website using a Sticky Header.