“Success is not final; failure is not fatal; It is the courage to continue that counts”
We, the Matrix club of Kumaraguru Institutions, conducted a variety of buffoonery events – ‘6 Days 6 Events’, from 8th to 13th of February, 2021, via MS teams.
Our first event was ‘Cubic Patterns’, in which participants were asked to solve the patterns given to them with the Rubik’s cube. Students exhibited their atmost enthusiasm during the event and in turn made this event a great success.
The second event was ‘Sudoku Event’. Participants were given three levels of sudoku puzzles to solve and were asked to submit their answers via google form.
The following events were ‘Sport Stacking’, ‘Pen spinning’, ‘Juggling’ and ‘The magician in you’. Though we had enrollments for these events too, unfortunately we didn’t have as many participants on the day of the event.
Jayavignesh and Murali Madhavan secured the first and second places respectively in the Cubic patterns event while Gokulakrishnan and Jaykeerthi secured first and second places respectively in the Sudoku Event.