Every time we produce a new generation of antennas we expect a lot of good things to get better, including faster download rates which are the more common ones.

The state of security on 4G is good but here are some areas where 5G can prove to be more secure.


IMSI Catcher is more like a false cell tower that makes the victims device connect to them. Every communication is intercepted, then relayed to the target cell tower of the network carrier.This can help people to locate you. With the introduction of 5G, your connection will relay completely on encrypted identity.


When your voice and data is transmitted from your device to a tower, it becomes confidential because it’s encrypted by an algorithm. With 5G, the encryption will become stronger. A more stronger form of 128-bit encryption will fully replace its weaker form and after a few years span, the 256-bit encryption should become the new normal.This will help us maintain our privacy.


5G will be based on flexible software. The call or data which are created by you will be routed through switches and hubs that can be transported quickly from one physical computer to another if there is a need. This will reduce the risk of individuals having unwanted influence on your data. (Vulnerability patching is the process of investigating your OS, software, applications, and network components for any possible vulnerabilities that could allow a harmful user to break into your system and cause damage).

It will mean vulnerability patches can be produced more quickly.A future 5G benefit is based on a feature called Network Slicing. It partitions the network traffic based on the user needs.

  1. 5G uses software-defined networking and network functions virtualization for the separating of network architectures into virtual elements.
  2. 5G Network slicing allows network operators to have a portion of the network provide the precise feature that the customer needs.
  3. 5G network architectures will need network slicing i to adapt and provide the separate needs of unique industries.


Thus after a lookup over the security benefits of 5G, we can conclude that updating networks to 5G not only increases the download rates but also has a lot of benefits to work on. Hope this upgrade gives us a safer and more trusted virtual world.