The Department Association of Information Science and Engineering conducted a formal debate session namely ‘4 Vs 4 Formal Debate’ on the 21st of January, 2022 at 4 PM via Microsoft Teams. The debate was based on the theme, “Metaverse: A major breakthrough technology or a nightmare vision of the future“. Four students on each side of the panel supporting the topic and against were brought onto the stand to address their thoughts, ideas, and potential concerns they had about this coming-of-the-age technology.

Metaverse being an intensely discussed topic nowadays with the advent of many big tech giants investing and exploring the technology also means that this could be more accessible to the common public anytime soon.

The participants precisely spoke about their opinions on how this could either make a new pathway to an entirely different revolution by Virtual Reality and also the potential drawbacks it can bring with it like the matters of invasion of privacy, the possible increase in the online criminology that could happen and the growing disconnectivity we’d get within our actual surrounding world. Positives such as reinforcing sustainability through harmless fashion, ease of communication, connectivity through an entirely new dimension, and more were listed and balanced the aura of the debate.

The debate was coordinated by Mr. Sabarish G, a third-year Engineering student of the Electricals and Instrumentation Department who is immensely interested in this realm served as a center-balance, and also summed up the perspectives gained from the debate along with his thoughts. Overall, it happened to be a healthy exchange of viewpoints from all the participants and for the spectators.


Department Association of ISE