“Voting is the most precious right of every citizen, and we have a moral obligation to ensure the integrity of our voting process.”- Hillary Clinton
?? India is a Democratic country. It is the duty of every living citizen above age 1⃣8⃣ to vote to select the deserving candidate. At times we don’t understand the power we hold and the significant change we can create. On account of this, we the National Service Scheme of Kumaraguru College of Technology conducted an event named “வாக்குரிமை – The right to vote”. It involves creating awareness on Voters day by Instagram poll and google form to represent various steps of the election process.The event was announced on 23rd January and a podcast was released on 25th January on the account of Voters day to mark the start of the week long event.4 steps of வாக்குரிமை event were,
Step 1: Nomination(26,27 Jan). A question box was posted in the Instagram story of @kct_nss_rrc_vbc in which students were required to drop in 2 things/places or anything related to KCT that they would like to compare. Eg. East Kore vs Main Kore. Step 2: Canvassing (28,29 Jan). The finalised places of the students’ choice were announced as the competing candidates and they were asked to send in supporting pictures or texts supporting their favourite candidate.
Step 3: Polling(30,31 Jan). A google form was circulated with the finalised candidates(places or things related to KCT) and the students casted their votes through the form.
Step 4: Result(1 Feb)The place/thing with the most number of votes was declared the winner. Among the various entries through all the processes, YUGAM was chosen as the winner with the highest of 32.7 percentage of the votes. Through the different steps of the event, around 150 participated and 101 people voted in the final round. This event’s objective was fulfilled by creating awareness on the importance of voting and the value of each and every vote.
Every voice ?️matters, and every vote counts.