“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” In this pandemic situation, people are having no other option but to stay in their houses. Although this helps positively to overcome the pandemic, pushes more people into smart phones addiction. It especially affects the youngsters.
In response to this addiction, We the RED RIBBON CLUB of KUMARAGURU COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY decided to conduct a webinar event named “யௌவன சமுதாயம்” to spread awareness about how to involve the young community in social service during this pandemic.
The event was conducted on 22 July 2020 through Google meet platform for an hour. The speaker was Dr. Shakulhameed.J, an occupational Therapist (Neuro Psychiatry) and Founder and chief executive officer of “Vidhi Sei” Foundation. He gave a motivational talk to involve youth in social service and to avoid mobile phone addiction. Vidhi Sei foundation has conducted several welfare programs ,projects and workshops like Mind beat, Accident and emergency management, Trans Talents, Care and Cure ,Uthirathuli ( உதிரத்துளி) and Trust me.
The main motto of this event is to create awareness among the youth to avoid mobile phone addiction and involve them in social service.
The speaker gave ideas about how to involve in social service inspite of difficulties in this pandemic and also shared about his own journey in his foundation.
Thereby , we created awareness about social service during the pandemic situation among 100+ participants.

Youngsters should involve in Social service with an open mind selflessly and do their part to the society was the biggest take away from the session.