It’s been 20 years since I reached this world. When I now turn back and see, it brings such a crazy smile on my face. Not all those lanes I traveled were apparent and smooth to overcome. I would say the most colourful part in every individual’s life is our teenage where we explore different dimensions of life. This story is about a common girl and it was a moment of epiphany when her wish was fulfilled.

Well, that girl is me and it was sour times when my dreams were pushing hard to realize. Whenever it was rigid to pass through the way, I always had an inner-energy that motivated me to move forward. That was so awe-inspiring to me every time when I woke again and ran every time I fell. I might not have won in capturing my dreams all the times but the inner energy never let me stop from moving ahead towards what I dream for.

I was so little in past days and inadequate to define what that energy was. Now finally I am mentally sufficient enough to name that energy. Yeah that’s “HOPE”. When this reality hit me it was a moment of revelation. Yes, whenever I fell down hope made me retake, rework saying “It’s not the end. It’s just the beginning of learning”. When it was dark it said “Moon looks majestic in dark”. Hope made me wake up everyday with formidable thoughts and made me perform better every time.

I have taken 19 years to understand that life is an institution and not all classes are interesting. It’s hard to overcome struggles sometimes. But no section lasts long. So, I keep hoping and move forward because hope always tells into my ears that best is yet to come.



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