On the day of graduation, every student of KCT would have become mature in one aspect. He/She will exactly know how to make the best use of time while in KCT. Understanding the graduates’ thought process will help us be more productive. So this is how the graduates use MGCL now.


Greater learning happens through thought – self introspection or analysis – and collaboration. The MGCL has a hall exactly for that. Deep thinking is fun, and the A.MUSE thought lab was born.

The A.MUSE thought lab is a fantastic place where discussions on projects and assignments should happen. Since the space is accessible to the books, you can dive in to learn, build, and learn, and the loop goes on. The atmosphere helps nurture thought and facilitates continuous working. Having the ability to readjust the furniture in such a big open space is a bonus because it helps us to conduct events.


Every cell’s central element is the nucleus. The little cabin created for focused learning resembles a nucleus, and hence we named this hallway as Nucleus.

Focused uninterrupted learning helps us dive deep into what we are learning.

I always enjoyed a silent and uninterrupted study zone. As a student, you must get used to confining yourself to solitary for focused deep work, and the Nucleus is the place that offers you that ecosystem. One interpretation from Cal Newport’s book, “Deepwork”, is that if you have focus that is as strong as steel and a supportive ecosystem, you can do wonders. With the milieu in place, you can develop that focus.

Infinity Loop

Books can inspire us to change the status quo. The entire book section at MGCL gives you infinite knowledge. Inspired by apple, and the nature of learning present in the library, we knew that the name should be Infinity Loop.

I strongly believe that a solution to a simple idea can create life-long impact. Every student of KCT must read as many books as possible because along with memories, the knowledge gained while being a student will help in every step in the career. Best mantra is to always have a book in hand to read.


Meshes are created to perform analysis in software. Look around, does it feel like a mesh has been created to analyze the work? This place is for learning and networking.

The fresh mild breeze, the natural coolness of the library, and the focus light on the table must be used to read and network with friends. The newspapers and magazines are few steps away; keep them on the lit up table to sharpen your general knowledge.

Board Room

Board room at the MGCL is a small discussion room. Almost every company’s recruitment process has a group discussion. So I believe if you discuss work with your friends in the board room (or any other discussion room in KCT) you will naturally develop the skills needed for GD. In addition, you also have silent uninterrupted group work.

In addition to all that said, here are things you must do in MGCL:

A lot of group discussions in the board room.

Explore all the racks. Take a challenge to read the title of every book.

Sit and work on your projects

Read newspapers and magazines. GK and communication skills will come naturally.

Read books

Get into the habit of focused studying

Organize events

Work on assignments

Use the facilities like reprography and café to make learning comfortable

Attend events.

Comment how and for what you use MGCL.


The MGCL series is for the vacation edition newsletter of KCT. The series is about a book’s reason on why space needed a change, the fantastic team that transformed the library, ways to make the most of the space in MGCL, and how we – you and the library – can collaborate to grow together.

The series is written by Arun Kumar Manoharan. He is an alumnus of KCT. He graduated from the department of aeronautical engineering in 2016. His favourite pass time is reading, and he sharpens what he reads by writing in his self-exploratory blog – maktheway.com

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